Benefits of Art Education

World Autism Awareness Month

leftThe month of April has the wonderful distinction of being Autism Awareness Month, and today, April 2nd, is World Autism Day. Autism is a neurological disorder that disrupts a person’s learning and socialization. While it affects over 1.5 million people in the U.S., it’s considered a ‘spectrum’ disorder because the characteristics vary from person to person.

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The Cactus: Show Us How You See the World

This is one of my all time favorite drawings. My son did it when he was in first grade and attended weekly Young Rembrandts classes. Like all parents, I am especially fond of anything and everything my own kids do, but this drawing represents so much more. left
First – he drew a collection of cacti! Not sure that would ever have happened without being in a drawing class.
Then – look at all those details! Check out that line work, the colors, and the multitude of careful little lines for the ‘pokey things’ on the cactus. You can tell by looking at it, he really enjoyed the line work and all the careful coloring.

Your Child’s Test Anxiety: Why All the Stress?

Standardized tests can strike fear in the heart of any man – young and old, but ever wonder why? It seems odd that a few questions that require a pencil dot on a Scantron Sheet, can bring forth such stress and emotion. This is especially true for visual-spatial learners whose test results don’t reflect their true intelligence or ability.left Testing is designed with a left-brain bias. Linear-thinkers with good short-term memory and deductive thinking skills are much more likely to score well on standardized tests, because they measure the way the left side of the brain works, leaving our right-brain kids at a significant disadvantage.