Learn to Draw Princesses: New Ebook Available



Calling all Princesses!

It’s time to draw castles, crowns, princesses and sparkly jewels. We’ve bundled lots of new How to Draw videos into our latest eBook, Princesses & Enchanted Treasures!

These drawing videos are perfect for anyone ages 3 to 99. They’ll help build your child’s confidence, improve their drawing ability and lead to hours spent drawing and coloring.



Learn to Draw Cartoon Zoo Animals: New eBook Available


zoo_eBookcoverIf your child likes art he/she will love our newest drawing book; CARTOON ZOO ANIMALS.  The latest book from Bette Fetter, founder and CEO of Young Rembrandts, is a collection of How to Draw videos that will teach children to draw monkeys, tigers, giraffes and more. It’s a perfect activity for anyone ages 3-99. 

Get ready to UNLEASH your child’s creativity with this CARTOON ZOO ANIMAL drawing book. The detailed drawing videos will inspire hours of ideas and activity, while successfully walking your child through every step of the drawing process. It’s perfect for children that love to draw or color and are hungry for more. 

The book also has great things for you on why the arts are so important to a child’s development, how it improves their performance in the classroom and the value of building basic art skills. You can use this book for one child – or with a group.

Download this eBook immediately and set it up on your computer, laptop or tablet – and get your kids ready for hours of fun. 


Being Visual: Raising a Generation of Innovative Thinkers


Are your kids feeling left behind or misunderstood at school?

In a test heavy education system, more and more children are underachieving, feeling lost and misunderstood. Schools are focused on teaching left-brain auditory learners and our right-brain visual kids are not getting what they need to succeed. My book, Being Visual, helps parents better understand their visual tactile child and shares specifics strategies to increase their success in school.

Find out how...

• To use pictures to improve grades
• To apply visual methods for students with ADD, dyslexia and autism 
• Why drawing, doodling and imagery improves learning
• How art improves education outcomes 




You can also find Being Visual on your favorite device:









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